Haines Fire and Risk Consulting


HFRC provides a comprehensive assortment of fire protection engineering and consulting services to help its clients better understand and control their fire risks.

HFRC is a distributor of industrial fire fighting equipment, foam firefighting equipment/systems and emergency water supply pumps and devices.

The consultants and technicians of HFRC have significant experience in emergency response planning and emergency response assessments in the industrial and municipal sectors.

HFRC specializes in the planning and development high volume water supplies using fixed fire water systems and mobile pumping operations.

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HFRC's senior staff members have over 26 years each of experience in designing, specifying and planning firefighting systems and operations for facilities that store and process flammable liquids and gases.

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HFRC tests fixed fire water supplies, fire suppression systems, mobile pumping systems/equipment and vapor mitigation systems .

Fire Protection Engineering & Consulting

Fire Protection Engineering & Consulting

HFRC provides a comprehensive assortment of fire protection engineering & consulting services to help clients better understand and control their fire risks.


Fire & Accident Investigation / Expert Witness

HFRC performs incident investigations and conducts technical evaluations to help its insurance, commercial and industrial clients.

Emergency Response Planning

Emergency Response Planning


HFRC’s experts bring vast, real-world experience to bear on emergency response assessments and plans.

Who We Service

HFRC’s staff has provided fire protection engineering/consulting, water supply planning and analysis, emergency response planning and fire & explosion investigation services in numerous industries, including:

  • Oil exploration and production
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical and chemical plants
  • LNG liquefaction & vaporization plants
  • Petroleum pipeline stations & terminals
  • Distribution terminals (truck & rail transfer)
  • Petroleum pipeline stations & terminals
  • Atmospheric and pressurized storage facilities, including those with cavern storage
  • Laboratories
  • Power generating plants
  • Mining facilities (ore treating areas)
  • Fragrance manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Hazardous waste recovery & disposal facilities
  • Foundries and pipe mills

HFRC’s staff has decades of experience in these industries and the municipal/industrial fire services.

Additional Services

Water Supplies

The fire service is regularly confronted with insufficient and inaccessible water sources.  HFRC has the experience, knowledge and products to improve you water supplies through the use fixed and/or mobile resources.

Firefighting and Fire Suppression Product Sales

HFRC sells and services high quality water supply, fire firefighting and fire suppression products, including:

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