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HFRC is a small firm with in-depth experience and huge resources. In addition to its full-time staff, HFRC maintains a network of associates from which it provides its clients with the manpower, knowledge and experience they need while keeping costs low.

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The senior staff members of Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) typically have over 25 years each of experience in fire protection engineering/consulting, water supply planning and analysis, emergency response planning and/or fire & explosion investigation. In addition, most of HFRC’s staff has served in the municipal (volunteer and career) and industrial fire services.

HFRC’s staff consists primarily of full-time engineers, consultants and technicians backed up by a network of associates. Most of HFRC’s senior staff members and associates worked as subject matter experts for private and municipal entities prior to becoming consultants. They primarily hail from the following industries:

  •   Oil and gas industry
  •   Chemical, specialty chemical and petrochemical industries
  •   Regulatory (Fire Code)
  •   Machinery design and engineering
  •   Fire service
  •   Nuclear power & chemical industry
  •   Power plant design and engineering
  •   Insurance (Highly Protected Risk)
  •   Healthcare

As a result of their experience in working for an owner, HFRC’s staff understands the constraints and demands that its clients are faced with and can approach projects and sales from the perspective of the owner. HFRC is a medium sized company that is able to react to the immediate/emergency needs of its clients and is equally adept at working on small and large projects/sales.

HFRC’s works for a number of Fortune 500 and larger companies and across a variety of industries including:

  •   Oil exploration and production
  •   Refineries
  •   Petrochemical and chemical plants
  •   LNG liquefaction & vaporization plants
  •   Petroleum pipeline stations & terminals marine terminals (Petroleum & LNG)
  •   Refrigerated Natural Gas Liquid (NGL) terminals
  •   Distribution terminals (truck & rail transfer)
  •   Atmospheric and pressurized storage facilities, including those with cavern storage
  •   Gas plants & compressor stations
  •   Laboratories
  •   Power generating plants
  •   Distilleries
  •   Fragrance manufacturing
  •   Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  •   Hazardous waste recovery & disposal facilities
  •   Foundries and pipe mills
  •   Liquids/hazmat warehousing
  •   Waste water treatment plants
  •   Various manufacturing plants such as transformer manufacturers, truck manufacturers, metal stamping plants, meat processing plants, insulating board manufacturers and printing plants.
  •   Mining facilities (ore treating areas)

Stephen W. Haines, PE, CFEI


Mr. Haines graduated from Penn State University in 1989 and started his fire engineering career with Factory Mutual Engineering. He is a licensed professional engineer in multiple states and has accumulated years of experience in the areas of firefighting, fire protection engineering, process safety consulting, emergency response planning and fire and accident investigation. In addition to his time as an engineer and consultant, Mr. Haines served as the Sr. Fire Protection Engineer for Sunoco, Inc. for over seven years and has twenty years of experience in the municipal and industrial fire services, including three and a half years as a career fire chief.

Mr. Haines specializes in the testing, analysis, design, and planning of high volume water supplies including fixed fire water systems and mobile hose and pumping systems. In addition, Mr. Haines is experienced in rural water supply planning, ISO water supply studies and was one of the original developers of the Turbodraft® Fire Eductor for which HFRC is a distributor.

Mr. Haines is a Certified Fire & Explosion Investigator (CFEI) and specializes in the investigation of fires arising from the handling, processing, transfer and storage of flammable/combustible liquids, flammable gases and hazardous materials.