Haines Fire and Risk Consulting


Testing Services

Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) provides fire protection testing services for industrial facilities throughout the US and abroad.  These services include:

  • Fire hydrant and fire water system flow testing
  • Stationary fire pump testing
  • Water spray system trip and flow testing
  • Fixed foam system trip and flow testing
  • Testing of high volume mobile fire pumps and dewatering pumps
  • Mobile fire apparatus testing (3,000 gpm and greater):
    • Water pump flow testing
    • Foam proportioning system testing
  • Technical support during internal pump and equipment inspections

HFRC’s testing, emergency planning and fire engineering & consulting services can help you remain prepared for your next emergency.

The difference between HFRC and its competitors starts in the field:

  • HFRC’s senior staff have years of  experience in testing, analyzing and troubleshooting fire suppression systems.
  • HFRC’s single focus is on providing an accurate test. As such:
    • Test results are analyzed immediately and before the test equipment is broken down
    • All significant changes in performance are immediately confirmed
    • Only quality test equipment is utilized
    • All gauges and other devices are replaced or recalibrated per NFPA and manufacturer recommendations
  • HFRC has the engineering capability (and licensing) to develop alternative test methods and procedures that will withstand regulator/insurer scrutiny

Once the tests are completed HFRC takes the time to produce a high quality report that:

  • Meet regulatory and insurer expectations.
  • Clearly identify the operational status (grade) of each system/piece of equipment tested
  • Clearly differentiate between recommendations that are regulatory driven from those based on best practices
  • Clearly define recommended follow up actions and explain the basis for each
  • Allow the client to:
    • Easily translate report recommendations into corrective action plans
    • Substantiate and explain corrective actions to other entities/groups that will be tasked with carrying them out
    • Track and demonstrate (to regulators and insurer’s) progress made:

HFRC’s personal best to date include:

  • The flow testing of three 11,000 gpm fire pumps.
  • A 19,000 gpm flow test on a municipal water system