Haines Fire and Risk Consulting


Emergency Planning

The consultants and technicians of Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) have significant experience in emergency response planning in the industrial and municipal sectors. This includes significant experience in facilities that process, store and transfer crude oil, petroleum products, refrigerated liquefied gases and other hazardous materials.

HFRC provides a comprehensive assortment of emergency planning and preparedness services. Some of the services provided by HFRC are:

Preparation of Emergency Preplans

  •   Generic and scenario based fire preplans
  •   Preparation of fire preplans for facility managers, facility emergency response teams and fire departments
  • Preparation of:
    • Maps
    • Tactical/Priority Worksheets
    • Building, equipment & tank data sheets
    • Water supply plans
    • Resource lists
  • Facility inspections and hazard assessments
  • Resource assessments and planning

Please, see our home page and about us to learn more about our experience and specialties.

Water Supply Studies & Plans

  •   Flow testing of fire hydrants, fixed fire pumps, portable fire pumps and mobile pumping apparatus
  •   Computer modeling of water distribution systems
  • Fire demand estimates per NFPA, API, CCPS and ISO guidelines
  • Rural water supply evaluations per NFPA and ISO guidelines
  • Oversight and technical support for water system infrastructure programs
  • Water supply plans that consider/utilize:
    • Fixed water distribution systems
    • Natural/static water sources
    • Fire department hose lays
    • High capacity mobile pumping equipment and extra large dia. supply hose systems
    • Dry hydrants, eductors and other equipment for hard to reach water sources

Please, see water supplies for more information.

Municipal ISO Rating Services

  • Preparation for ISO surveys
  • ISO rating improvement and recovery plans
  • ISO water supply evaluations and testing
  • Station siting and response time analysis

Please, see water supplies, Hytrans and fire supression & firefighting products for more information on how we can help you manage or improve your ISO rating.

Foam Operations

  • Preplans for storage tanks and facilities handling flammable liquids and gases are HFRC’s specialty
  • Assessment and planning of:
    • Foam concentrate supplies
    • Foam application equipment and systems
    • Foam proportioning equipment
    • Concentrate transportation and handling

See foam firefighting and fire suppression or National Foam for more information.

Fire Brigade Organization and Safety

  • Development and assessment plant emergency organizations
    • Organizational Statements
    • Bylaws & Constitutions
    • Administrative Procedures
    • Safety Programs
    • SOPs/SOGs
  • OSHA Compliance programs and audits
  • Development of specifications for:
    • Personal Protective equipment
    • Foam fire suppression equipment
    • Hose systems
    • Mobile and Portable pumps
    • Industrial fire apparatus
  • Training, Drills and Equipment Readiness

    •   Development and presentation of training programs on:
      • Emergency preplanning
      • Implementation and use of preplans
    • Planning of emergency response drills and exercises
    • Observation and assessment of response drills and exercises

Please see testing services to learn how we can help you assure that your equipment remains ready to respond and capable of performing at full capacity.