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Fire Engineering & Consulting

Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) provides a comprehensive assortment of fire protection consulting services to help its clients better understand and control their fire risks.

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HFRC’s provides fire protection engineering and consulting services for commercial and industrial concerns that manufacturer, handle and store hazardous materials in large or bulk quantities. HFRC specializes in the protection of oil and gas industry facilities (upstream, midstream and downstream), petrochemical and chemical plants, terminals and tank farms (including marine facilities), warehouses and distribution centers, packaging facilities, pharmaceutical facilities and distilleries.  HFRC’s Services include:

  • Fire Protection Engineering & Consulting
  • Fire & Accident Investigation – Expert Witness
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Fire water supply planning and design
  • Foam fire suppression system design and foam firefighting planning
  • Testing and evaluation of fire water systems, fire water pumps and fire suppression systems

For additional information about HFRC’s experience in special hazards see fire protection engineering and consulting

Haines Fire & Risk Consulting (HFRC) provides a comprehensive assortment of fire protection engineering and consulting services to help its clients better understand and control their fire risks. Some of the services provided by HFRC are:

Survey, Inspection and Testing Services

  •   Life safety and emergency egress analysis
  •   Fire and explosion hazard analysis
  •   Fire code compliance and fire protection maintenance audits
  •   Fire pump testing
  •   Inspection and testing of fire suppression and detection systems
  • Inspection of fireproofing and structural fire protection features

Fire and Building Code Consulting

  •   Interpretation of national, state and local codes
  •   Negotiations with code officials
  •   Hazardous use group specialist

Water Supply Studies

  •   Flow testing of fire hydrants, fixed fire pumps, portable fire pumps and mobile pumping apparatus
  •   Planning and engineering of fixed fire water systems and mobile water supplies
  •   Computer based hydraulic modeling of fire water distribution systems and emergency water supplies
  •   Fire demand estimates per NFPA, API, CCPS and ISO guidelines
  •   Rural water supply evaluations per NFPA and ISO guidelines
  •   Oversight and technical support for fire
  •   water infrastructure programs


  •   Development and presentation of generic and user specific training programs. Topics include, but are not limited to:
  •   Fire and release hazards of petroleum products
  •   Recognition of ignition source hazards Fire behavior and investigation
  •   Application of codes and standards
  •   Electrical area classification
  •   Application of gas and leak detection technologies

HFRC’s staff is particularly qualified in evaluating and resolving building/fire code, fire risk and safety issues concerning:

  •   Flammable & combustible liquids
  •   Flammable gases
  •   Liquefied flammable gases, including refrigerated storage
  •   Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)
  •   Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs)
  •   Oxidizers
  •   Combustible dusts
  •   Fibers and textiles
  •   Unstable chemicals
  •   Combustible chemicals
  •   Water and air reactive chemicals
  •   Combustible metals
  •   Static electricity hazards
  •   Life safety and emergency egress

Liquids/Hazmat Warehousing

  •   Nuclear power & chemical industry
  •   Power plant design and engineering
  •   Insurance (Highly Protected Risk)
  •   Healthcare

Construction Services

  • Fire suppression, detection and water
  • distribution system design and specifications
  • Alternative approaches to fire protection and life safety
  • Plan reviews and bid evaluations
  • Construction inspections
  • On call technical support and oversight of design/build contractors
  • Negotiations with insurers and code officials

Specialty Services

  • Planning and engineering of temporary water supplies for fire protection and other purposes
  • Evaluation and design of gas and leak detection systems
  • Electrical area classification
  • Evaluation of ignition hazards arising from static electricity and stray currents

Facility and Business Risk Consulting

  •   Risk-based approaches to fire protection
  •   Consequence analysis and computer modeling for gas releases, fires and explosions
  •   Due diligence surveys