Haines Fire and Risk Consulting


Foam Firefighting and Fire Suppression


Haines Fire & Risk Consulting’s senior staff members have over 26 years each of experience in designing, specifying and planning firefighting operations for facilities storing flammable liquids and gases in atmospheric, pressurized and refrigerated storage tanks and vessels. HFRC provides emergency response planning, water supply planning and system design, engineering and testing (fixed and semi-fixed foam systems and water supply system). In addition HFRC can supply foam concentrates, fixed and semi-fixed foam systems and components, and mobile/portable foam firefighting equipment.

Emergency Response Planning & Assessment – HFRC is familiar and experienced with the latest of today’s philosophies, strategies and tactics for the suppression and control of flammable and combustible liquid fires involving spills, transportation accidents, process and pipeline facilities and storage tank fires. Services include:

  • Fire risk assessments
  • Water supply analysis and studies
  • Foam operation planning and analysis
  • Selection and specification of foam concentrates, foam firefighting appliances, fixed foam application devices and proportioning systems.
  • Preparation of facility and tank specific fire pre-plans and water supply plans
  • Assessments of mutual aid resources

HFRC’s emergency planning and testing services can help your facility remain prepared to safely and efficiently control flammable and combustible liquid fires.

Fixed and Semi-Fixed Foam Systems – HFRC specifies, designs, tests, and provides foam fire suppression systems and components. This includes foam concentrates, foam chambers and makers, foam-water monitors, foam proportioning systems and skids, foam tanks and other components. HFRC features concentrates and equipment from National Foam, TFT and Akron Brass.

Mobile and Portable Foam Firefighting Equipment – HFRC specifies, designs, tests, and provides mobile and portable foam firefighting equipment including foam hand line nozzles, portable and trailer mounted monitors, foam proportioning equipment and foam concentrate trailers and manifolds. HFRC features portable and mobile foam equipment from National Foam and Hytrans.

  • All Hytrans HydroSub and AutoBoost pump units are available with direct injection foam proportion system. These units can therefore resolve both your water supply and foam proportioning needs.
  • The Hytrans PowerFoam 60 provides a highly accurate means of proportioning foam anywhere in the water supply system. These units are diesel engine driven, inject up to 317 gpm of concentrate at 145 psi and and fully automated.